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Freese-Notis Weather and the agricultural industry have had a close association for over 30 years. The industry very much respects the opinion of the Freese-Notis forecasters. With some of our weather forecasters born and raised on Midwest farms, we know the intimate relationship between the crops and the weather that most other weather services do not possess. We provide all the pertinent weather information in order for the agricultural customers or futures traders to make a more sound trading and/or business decision. Freese-Notis daily agricultural reports gives detailed 4-5 day temperature and precipitation forecasts for the world’s major crop growing regions, and a more general forecast looking one to two weeks into the future.

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July/August Weather Update

July 8th, 2019


1. Above normal May precipitation in many areas of the U.S. resulted in the 2nd wettest May since 1895 in the lower 48 states as a whole, and the 4th wettest in the area defined as the primary corn and soybean producing areas by the National Centers For Environmental Information. The three-month spring season, defined as March through May, ranked as the 6th wettest and 4th wettest respectively for these areas. 2. Above normal June rainfall also slowed completion of late spring crop planting in some areas, preventing completion of planting in some areas well into June and slowing some winter wheat harvest. 3. Wet and saturated fields, and numerous cloudy days, negatively impacted spring crops and winter wheat in some areas, as did numerous days with below normal temperatures in some northern and central growing areas.

July/August Weather Update

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