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Just a note – outstanding work on the hurricane – you were on that Monday morning – over 2 full days ahead of anybody else even getting to it. I appreciate the fine work you do for us.

Craig, Just wanted to say thank you for your research and forecasts. I do enjoy the work that you do and the methodology behind it. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

Thanks Charlie! So far, about .50 in. Looks like some storms to our northwest drifting southeast right now. The crop continues to get bigger!!!

I meant to tell you I do not or would not subscribe to any other weather service. Brokers send me their “garbage” from so called meteorologists who can't hold a candle to you. They need to wise up and hire you before they are broke! Even at noon while rain was falling, some were still concerned about the week after next. Unless it gets to 100 degrees for about two weeks our crop here is made. Once again, you were right on target!

When your life and your job depend on accurate weather forecasting you can turn to Freese Notis meteorologists to deliver accurate weather forecasting at affordable prices.


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